About Sara

Hello, I’m Sara,

the creative force behind Hair For Your Occasion

From an early age, I found myself enamored by the art of hairstyling. What began as a personal fascination soon evolved into a lifelong journey. With over a decade of experience, my love for hairstyling has only grown stronger, and I’ve honed my craft to create enchanting bridal and occasion hair designs.

As the proud owner of Hair For Your Occasion, I am committed to transforming your hair into a masterpiece that not only complements your chosen style but also reflects your unique personality. Bridal hair is a canvas where elegance meets effortlessness, and I’m here to guide you through this enchanting journey.


Beyond Hairstyling

While I’m deeply passionate about hairstyling, my life extends beyond the salon. I am not just a hairstylist; I’m also a devoted wife and mother of two. Moreover, I find fulfillment in my work with a charity that supports children and young people with additional needs. My commitment to making a positive impact in various aspects of life shapes the values that underpin Hair For Your Occasion.

Your Bridal Hair Dreams Await

Choosing a hairstylist for your special day is a significant decision. I invite you to embark on your bridal hair journey with me, where elegance meets effortlessness, and your dreams are transformed into reality, one strand at a time.

Connect with me @hairforyouroccasion