Cherishing Love: A Journey Through Memories

Welcome to my first ‘Love Story’ series. When picking my theme, I really had to think about what it is I LOVE about what I do. I came to the conclusion that I LOVE love, I love romantic novels, romantic comedies, poetry, quotes and weddings!!

I just love it and part of the reasons I love doing weddings is being part of each couple’s story, the different ways that two people meet and fall in love are so special and individual, honestly, it’s an honour to be part of people’s special days. Therefore, I want to tell those stories and I am hoping to create a collection of beautiful, funny, exciting stories that will show everyone how beautiful the world is with love in it!

Amongst tips and tricks for your wedding hair journey I also want to introduce you to my past brides and their chosen “ones” and have a chat about their love stories, how it came that they met each other and how they came to be walking down the aisle.

To begin my very first love story blog and to capture the feel of kind of stories I want to tell, I want to introduce Anthony (Tony) and Vanessa. My lovely Mum and Dad.

The reason they are my first blog is because:

  1. They are essentially the reason I even exist (ha ha)
  2. Recently, they are the reason I have been motivated to build my business.

Obviously, I had nothing to do with either hairstyle in the picture above as I was just a twinkle in the eye at this point, however, I think this story is a good place to start.

Therefore, enough from me, I will let Vanessa (Mum) take the stage….

“I met your Dad in July, 1972 at the speedboats in Nicholas Everitt’s park. Everyone used to go for a drink in the George Borrow (local pub). It was just before he went for a lad’s holiday to Torquay and he said he would call me when he got back – he didn’t – so me and my friend went down to the speedboats when they all got back and we met up again! We finally got engaged in 1975 and got married in October 1976 at St Margaret’s Church. We had our wedding reception at the Crown Hotel in the High Street. For our honeymoon, we went to the Swan Hotel in Lavenham which I thought was very posh! We bought our first house for £7250 in April of that year which we done up before we moved in and after we got married. That was what you did then! I can’t remember us having a particular wedding song – I think the DJ just choose one. I prob had my hair done at the hairdressers at the bottom of Oxford Road which was then Valerie’s.”

So, what I have taken from Mum’s account is that my Dad was a stereotypical lad and before the times of mobile phones and social media us girls used to have to just turn up and talk face to face to get our man! (Well Done Mum… *fist pump*)

Thank goodness weddings have changed too or most of us wouldn’t be in business!! The amount of choice now is completely overwhelming!!

This wonderful photo was taken by me in September 2022, 
After being married for nearly 47 years!


Sad bit incoming

Unfortunately, my lovely Dad, Tony passed away suddenly on Saturday 29th October 2022 at just 68 years old. However, the week before this happened, we were all having a lovely weekend at the local Haven holiday park. One evening, we were all sitting down having a chat and my sister and I were talking about our (very different) career paths and as someone who grew up comparing myself to everyone (major imposter syndrome), it was the best thing ever to hear from my Dad that he was so proud of us both. These words are constantly ringing in my ears, especially now he’s not here physically anymore.

It has given me the confidence to really put myself out there and try to chase my dreams. Whatever your motivation in life, remember we all different, we are all individual and we all deserve the best!!

Thanks to my lovely Mum for sharing her love story, watch this space for the next!!

Love Always,

Sara x

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